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No Smoking Day
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Day 75

Been well busy over the Bank Holiday hence the lack of posts :cool:

Very proud to say I am still going strong and even managed a couple of hours in the sun without craving a fag. I have passed the point of my last 2 fails by a week and am now officially the longest I have been smoke free.

I put my success thus far down to 3 things

- Preparation - I knew last November that I would be stopping in the New Year..the only question was when which came down to when I made the appointment with the nurse :rolleyes:

- Champix - I have absolutely no doubt that this has made the difference this time. I was one of the lucky ones who had no bad side effects and can't believe how it made me indifferent to smoking. This, combined with having my head in the right place (preparation), has given me a confidence I've never felt before that I really don't need smoking in my life.

- This forum - although I'm not on here every day, I do catch up often and feel like I would be letting not just myself but every one of you down if I smoked:eek:

If you're reading this and thinking about it.....go for it :D:D:D

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Ooh that's fab, huge well done Isolde!! :D :D


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