No Smoking Day
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saturday night

my friends are over, 50% smokers in the group and not once has the thought of smoking, or any aspect of it has crossed my mind.

Today I feel like I'm in the none smoker subset of my mate's and I feel well relaxed and just plain old me.

I know its likely I will have bad days, but today, especially today , sun, friends, beer, barbie, all the key ingredients which could cause weakness, I kind off feel like I've crossed a major hurdle.

This champix is like ronseal, its does what it says it will.


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Max ,

indeed a corner has been turned, a shrew has been tamed, an old dog has been taught a new trick.

I think, just as we have to work the brain hard to learn things, it can with hard work be taught to unlearn things.

Both are just as difficult so we shouldn't be too hard on ourselves and dwell on it too much when we feel a bit 'grrrr'.

I also think distraction techniques play a huge role in numbing down cravings, the less time you can spend thinking about the craving the quicker you will distance yourself from cigarettes.

I'm stating the obvious, I know but its sometimes worth repeating so it aids our unlearning of smoking.


Well done Baly, that is another milestone/hurdle you've got through!

Ironically if I'd have had people here who were smoking I probably wouldn't have had the cravings (as mentioned in other thread) as the smell and reality of it is gross, its more the fantasy of smoking and as many have said, we tend to romanticise it but the reality is actually gross

Well done you - beer to celebrate!!


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