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Stopping Champix advice please :)

Hi All,

Well today is day 17 and i feel pretty good about that :-)

However the champix side effects are really getting me down now and i feel like i just want this drug out of my system now and to have a good nights sleep!! . I have been on it for just over 5 weeks now, last week i cut down to 1mg morning, 0.5mg afternoon for a few days then 0.5mg both morn & afternoon fri-sun, had a 0.5mg this morning and am planing to do this for the rest of this week then finish them completly by the weekend.

Any advise greatfully rec'd! x

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Thanks Max :)

I am just SO tired :( the dreams are starting to get w bit much now and i wake in the morning feeling like i havent slept. Getting blurred vision on and off during the day and the worst ermmmm wind ever :eek: seriously, even I Leave the room!!!

I am still getting craves but feel pretty confident that i can handle them :)


I stopped using champix on day 8 of my quit due to heavy blurred vision, insomnia etc etc, without reducing the dosage first - abrupt stop if you will. I did not have any side other than the champix itself and it took about 5 days for the symptons to completely go away.

In other words, if you feel confident, go for it. However, always, ALWAYS remember that it is not cravings you experience, but the habit you miss. After 4 days all the nicotene left your body so there is no chemical craving, only the habit. Ignoring a habit is much easier.


Decided not to take my tablet this morning so i guess i am not taking champix anymore! :-) day 19 of Quit :-)

Weird! Just realised i quit on day 19 of Champix and have quit the champix on day 19 of quiting lol! :)


19 must be your lucky number! Well done for ditching the Champix - on one of my previous attempts I had to stop it early as I was almost suicidal. It certainly helps you stop smoking but I hated the side effects!


Oh well done Sophie, how fab is that?

Off the fags, off the Champix - you must be dead proud of yourself :D :D

Lovely to see such a successful quit xx


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