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Master of the Universe

It's time for me to start Phase II of my plan to become Master of the Universe. (Just kidding!)

Phase I was quitting smoking. I consider myself a vigilant success at this phase. I quit cold turkey on March 14, 2012 and entered the Penthouse one year later. So I've got 14 months under my belt, and the memory of some wonderful posts and threads on this board during that time which inspired me, sustained me, and educated me.

So I'm back for Phase II: Diet and Fitness. Like so many others, I overate during my quit, and I was already overweight when I began. It's time to take control of that.

While I've improved my diet greatly (eliminated lots of junk food and snacks), there's a long ways to go. I've been inspired by a new book called Vegan Before 6 and plan to follow its advice.

At this point, I have to chuckle because I have all the first day nervousness I had when quitting smoking - the year ahead looks SO long! But this time, I have the experience of knowing if I take things a day at a time, before I know it, I will be in the dining room of the Penthouse feeling slimmer and fitter.

My goals, you ask?

In one year, I hope/plan/intend/will lose 65 pounds, and weigh 200 pounds or less.

My waist will shrink from an embarrassing 54 inches to a comparatively svelte 36 inches. (Which means, of course, that pants will be readily available in the clothing stores!).

Blood pressure will improve; cholesterol will go down, back pain and knee pain will diminish, etc.

I've borrowed a friend's copy of the P90X program to check out, but it's probably going to be too advanced so I may order something a little "gentler," so to speak.

Anyway, that's about it. I'm back posting on this forum because it was so helpful as I quit smoking. I realize it's not a weight loss site, but there is this little "room" of people who've gone through both experiences - quitting smoking and dealing with diet and fitness, and I think I'll fit right in here.

Feels good to be back!

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Losing 65lb in 12 months is very doable. I in the last 7-8 months have lost approximately 55-60 LB (depending on when I weigh myself and whether its after my daily run) and am on my last 10-15 LBs. 7 months ago I weighed 223lbs (I am 5'9") and today when I weigh myself I will range anywhere from 166-170lb depending on when I weigh myself throughout the day. Find a local park or track and start off by walking. Also, with the money you have saved from not smoking open a membership at a Gym. Do pure cardio (walking, jogging, and running) at the park, and the elliptical at the gym. Build yourself up to where you are walking, jogging, and running miles and miles a day and build yourself up to 1 hour daily on the elliptical.

As far as diet, what I did was eat only things that grow from the ground or was previously moving and running on 2 or 4 legs or had a tail and was previously swimming in the ocean. I only ate salad, chicken, lean beef, **FRESH** fish(mostly salmon), and mangos. Literally! Stay away from anything canned even canned tuna!

Also pick a day out of each week and just fast and not eat anything! People always say "blah, blah, blah, not eating is bad for you". Being 265lbs even if you don't eat 1 day out of the week your body has enough nutrients to cover 1 day of not eating each week. :)

7 months ago I weighed 223 LBs, had high blood pressure and couldn't run 1/16th of a mile

Today I weigh 166-170lb(depending on the time of day) and my blood pressure is well within norm at about 117/78, and I have trained myself to jog long distance 4+miles daily (5 days a week)

If you can stop smoking for 14 months, you can lose 65+ LBs in 12 months!

Easy sauce! Goodluck!


Once in a while treat yourself to a lean steak (filet mignon) if all possible when you hit weight loss milestones like 10lbs, 15 lbs, 20 lbs and so on!

Also, forget the PX90 program! Your goal is weight loss! Focus on looking lean and thin. I barely do any strength exercises (weight lifting, sit ups, pushups) but when I stress my arms, chest, or stomach I can see lean muscle. Looking ripped is body fat % not how big your muscles are! It about getting your body lean, thin, and low body fat. You will looked ripped if you can get yourself under 8% body fat regardless if you lift weights or strength excercises. Focus on one thing at a time! Building muscle can come later!

These days I have greatly cut back on the walking, jogging, running and have eliminated the elliptical altogether from my cardio excercises. Doing a lot of cardio where I was doing 16-20 miles a day walking, jogging, running, and elliptical took all I had. There were times I tried to add strength training to my routine but it proved to be too much. I too have a copy of the PX90 program, but I figure I would start that once I dropped down to the 155-160lb range.

I figure in order to gain muscle size I would have to stop smoking, and give time for the cell tissues to repair. Muscle cannot grow without oxygen, so I will wait until my 90 day or 3 month smoke free mark before I start! I have gone over and watched the PX90 dvd's you have to be in okay/fairly good shape to even think about doing this program. This program is not amateurs! This program requires a lot of discipline, short but intense daily exercising, and most importantly of all a must keep diet program! This program is not for one who is trying to lose a lot of weight, because of the diet program you must go on. A full blown cardio program like I suggest to lose weight will never allow you to have the strength and stamina to get through a program like this!


Sorry for so many replies...but if you haven't already go out and get an Ipod. Music while doing cardio will make you forget how tired you are allowing you to go the full distance and beyond without stopping!



Thanks for all the responses and thoughts. While, as you say, P90X might be too challenging for me, I must add jogging and running to that list as well. I have knee problems - BIG knee problems, that have plagued me for years. It's difficult to imagine myself doing much running any time soon.

Walking? You bet. But running? I doubt it.



I'm with you all the way on this losing weight malarkey too. I'm away to join 'Until the Pants Fit Group' I have gradually put on 2 1/2 stone since I quit 8 months ago. More of me to love my beautiful family say, aye right, I just feel awful, and am sporting a big red line at my ever expanding waistline!!!!!! Know the one I mean:D. I have previously always maintained a healthy, sensible weight for my height until recent months.

I always have enjoyed swimming and walking, but exercise wise that's about it. Still contemplating a bike, but as members (experienced bike owners) on here have said, the roads are a bit mad for cyclists, especially a novice, so I would do off road cycling. And I don't see me taking up jogging or running at 52 years young! I would probably pass out after 2 metres!!

However walking I can do, and enjoy, with my treasured 4 legged bestest friend Meggie.

So, lets do this:).

And Kub,

Well done you on the quitting front:). Reading your exercise regime is making me shattered, but youre doing fab, way to go my love :)

Fi x


Dgee, I, like Fi and your good self have gained an unacceptable amount of weight and I can sympathise with you, and I also understand that we are limited at our....ahem... age, on what exercise is safe for us. Walking and swimming are my choices but I have to say they don't seem to make much difference. I believe it is what we put in our mouths that is going to make the difference. We have quit smoking so surely we can watch our diets? Good luck and keep us posted on how you are doing! I will do the same.


Here here to everyone:eek: I've put on about 10 lbs but it feels a lot more:rolleyes:

I'm trying Curves circuit training and trying not to put so much in my mouth haha. Another challenge to conquer, bring it on :D


DGee, you sound so positive about this already, I'm sure you'll have no problem reaching your goal :) Good luck! X



Well, it's been a week now.

I'm down 3 pounds so far. I've done several things to facilitate my weight loss:

1. I began an email accountability trail with a friend. Every week I will email her my progress (or lack of progress) report, containing my current weight and the actions I took to get trim and fit.

2. Among my first tentative steps:

[*]I measured my waist to stop the denial. Hate to admit this, but it's 54".

[*]Began using half the sugar in my coffee (one teaspoon, not two).

[*]Purchased the book "More Peas, Thank You," by Sarah Matheny. Lots of great veggie recipies.

[*]Made and loved a batch of kale chips (the first recipe I tried from the book).

[*]Went to the grocery store and bought NOTHING but fruits and veggies, and a loaf of break and some milk.

[*]Started a walking regimen. I live in a somewhat rural area, and there's a road nearby that's got almost no traffic, surrounded by fields and wildflowers, bunnies, squirrels, and birds, where I can walk. It's almost all downhill going out, and therefore almost always uphill coming back. First walk was 1.2 miles.

[*]Had my first completely meatless day on the 17th.

[*]Second walk, 1.9 miles or 5,284 steps (yes, I have an app for that).

[*]Did a third walk of 1.9 miles. Weighed in on Day 8 and discovered a three pound loss.

Now I'm off to make something for a rather late dinner, and then to read some more recipes.

I'm pleased with my first week on the job. :)


Dgee, if you can quit smoking you can do anything you put your mind to. Well done so far, you seem to be tackling this head on, and I know you will win the war against the waistline:) It is another battle we all face:o nearly 2 stone for me:o


Dgee, if you can quit smoking you can do anything you put your mind to. Well done so far, you seem to be tackling this head on, and I know you will win the war against the waistline:) It is another battle we all face:o nearly 2 stone for me:o

Thank you, Haze.

I must admit, I'm facing this challenge with far more self confidence than when I quit smoking. But, having succeeded at the smoking challenge, I know this new one is well within my capacity, and all it takes is facing it one day at a time.

I'm down 5-6 pounds so far in the first ten days. (Hard to read that scale with the little wheel. I need one of those that has big digital numbers!)

I know that pace is not sustainable, that there will be plateaus ahead, and that I might even (gasp) eat poorly every now and then.

But, win the war on the waistline? Bring it on. I'm all in. :D


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