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100 days today

Never thought I'd reach here...The success stories on this forum have been extremely helpful. I admit I am not much into sharing, but the experiences of so many others do create a very positive effect.

Cigarettes do not control me any more. Thankfully this is not cricket, so didnt have to go through any nervous nineties :) I do come across a craving once in a while, but I am glad to say my defence is fool-proof! However, I am looking forward to the penthouse when I wont have to use it anymore!

Its a good thing its a Friday!! Now I have a reason to celebrate and a chance as well. Cheers to all the success stories....cheers to the long smoke-free life in front of all of us!

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Well done!!!! 100 days is amazing and you should be really proud of yourself.

Hope you buy yourself a lovely treat to celebrate.


100 days. That's excellent! :D


Fabulous milestone achieved :cool: . Well done - it gets easier from now all the way to the Penthouse for you .:)


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