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New here - day 22

Hi there,

I smoked my last sigaret on 28 March 2013 at 08:30 the morning of my second back operation. I decided to go cold turkey as I was going to be in hospital for 5 days, so that should give me a nice head start. The 5 days turned into 10 days due to pneumonia and a wound that did not want to stop oozing. Talk about stress triggers!

Finally got to go home on day 10. Hubby wanted to quit as well, but he got himself Champix to help him. He started Champix the day I got home. My recoveryat home was going well. The smoking died off. Mostly I was feeling fine, not craving much. Just missing the habit.

Then came this past Monday night when I suddenly started bleeding rectally. I knew this was due to meds I told the dr I could not take, but he did not listen. Tuesday morning I was short of breath, etc and they had to readmit me to high care once again. Long story short, they suspect I had a blood clot through my gut. But now it's gone and I am back home. Not having a smoke each time this stress hit was hell.

I have to lie in bed 85% of the time and I am not allowed to sit until the 3rd of June when I have my follow up with my doc. What gets to me is the boredom. When the urge for a fag hits, one is suppose to keep yourself busy. I can not do that. I have to push through.

Today was real bad. I started having heart palpitations so badly I wanted a cigaret. Now I have a headache. I was so close to giving up. My husband is now on Day 3 and I know if I give up, he will too. I was irritaded and depressed and angry and just everything today. I am so glad my husband finally got me registered here. I have been struggling since yesterday to register, but never got the registration email. I was so angry with the site as well, but that is over and I am here now...

Thanks for reading!

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Hi there, I am on day 22 also but I have not gone through the what sounds like absolute hell that you have been through, just think how bad it all would have been if you had been smoking too, thank god you quit. Bed until June! Argh that would drive me insane without a distraction.

Hurray!! You have now found us:D

the support for your quit on here will be fantastic, you will meet new people and wih all the extra time, hopefully be able to support others;)

Be warned, a few of us do like to have a laugh but all in a good banter and never nastily, so I hope laughing doesnt cause you any pain.

Also re headaches, lots of people get headaches as they tend not to drink as much when quitting, the drink/coffee/fag thing so make sure you do not get dehyrated

So Welcome!!


Thanks for the reply.

I have to say, if it was not for hubby the past few weeks, id have gone off my rocker a long time ago. There are moments while i am lying in bed staring at the ceiling, wondering why did I decide to quit, especially now of all times. And do it cold turkey! Then I tell myself it is for my two kids, for my husband, and most importantly, for myself.

Laughter is good. I love laughing?


Sorry to hear you are having such a bad time. Coming on here will help towards the boredom. Read lots of back posts and you will find they help tremendously.


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