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Day 5...Good and Bad!

New to this forum, so hello fellow quitters! :)

I've attempted to quit a few times over the years, but this time seems to have a whole new level of withdraw symptons. The feeling of restlessness is massive this time around - but probably hasn't been helped by working from home for the last week.

Went for a run yesterday, and have never experienced heartburn and phlegm like that before. Guess it's something to do with the lungs clearing themselves.

On a positive note, I noticed the smell of my tap water this morning! Strange, I know, but a sign that things are starting to improve.

Hope everyone is having a good, smoke free day out there x

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Hi Suze and welcome! It's a bit of a nuthouse and we're all slightly crazy but I promise no-one bites! You've already got past the horror of the first three days so well done, that's a fantastic achievement under your belt already so be proud of yourself!

Funky symptoms seem to be part and parcel of this process and we all get our own particular and, in some cases, peculiar ones! But the joy of this place is that there is always someone who has had a similar experience and is happy to share.

In my experience this place and the people here have been the single most positive contribution to my quit and I wouldn't be smoke free otherwise. I've clung on to this place like ivy and for me it's been a fantastic distraction but I know for others spending too much time here has made them think about smoking more so you make as much or as little use of this place and us as you find works for you. Whatever you need, whether it's a brain to pick, a shoulder to cry on, a kick in the pants or simply to let off some steam and have a good hissy fit feel free to post - any and all contributions are welcome!

All the best Suze, you nearly have your first whole week within your grasp - how amazing is that?! Rooting for you, you CAN do this! :D

Welcome Suze! :) What she said! :D ^^^


Thanks guys! I had a good old nose around the site, and I definitely think it's going to be a great help!

I notice that you are all doing really well :D Keep up the good work!


Cheers Max :D

Know what you mean about not missing out on the small things. My sense of smell has gone ballistic today - was in town earlier and I seem to be able to smell a smoker before I saw them!

Love, love, love seeing/feeling my body change. Bit of pink in my cheeks this morning :D


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