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Good morning Day 2!!

How's everyone doing?

So far so good here, just trying to get through this morning! Had a long lay on and instead of out getting a ciggy I've more time to play with my son before he goes to the childminder so result :D

Didn't sleep with the patch on last night had a better sleep, just popped one on this morning and had a lozenger to take the edge off!

How are you all feeling today??

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Good morning Mrs Mash :D

So good to know your woken up feeling so positive :)

try to keep that mindset and you will sail through today

onwards and upwards is the only way to go





Yeah glad the mindsets in a good place Carol! I've been telling myself I don't want to be a smoker anymore so why let my mind torment me to do something I no longer want to be a part of my life!

Hope your well x


Great to hear :)

those pesky smoking thoughts do get weaker the longer you ignore them and before you know it you wilbe thinking

oh ive not thought of having a ciggy for ages now which in turn turns into hours then days :)

im fine thanks for asking :) but only on my second coffee and trying to think of excuses of not going out later as it dont look very nice out there weatherwise :eek:


Morning Mrs mash

I too love the fact I'm not shunning my little girl to go drag on a cig ....

It's really is sad the amount of time we gave up to poison ourselves

Keep up the positive attitude hope you have a great smoke free day xx


Well done mrs! You sound really positive in your quit! You will set a good example to your daughter by not smoking, and also have so much more spare time to spend with her instead of going out for a puff. You cam be certain that she will notice that she no longer has to cuddle her smelly mummy, she now has a beautiful smelling mum who she is proud of.

Enjoy your day! :)


Sorry mrs mash, got fog brain and read that you had a daughter! Haha, sorry, your SON will be so pleased!!! X


Hi......glad to hear you have made it to day 2......I am on day 2 myself and I am sure the toothpaste tasted more minty this morning......

Going to keep positive today and when the urges arrive I am planning to dringing a glass of water......finger crossed or legs crossed depending on how may urges I get......


Morning all,

Managed a good night's sleep and have started the day in a positive mood as a non smoker.

Thanks for all the support, it really does make a big difference during those weak moments.


My god is it only day 2. Sounds like it is working for you so well done. Finding it very hard this morning and got a muzzy head which isnt helping. Still determined though.


Thanks Everyone.

Glad everyones doing well! Still going strong here but feel the lunchtime urge coming on but I'm not going to dwell on it, will finish my lunch drink water and have a lozenger then get back to my work!

I'm so afraid of losing this mindset but only I can sort that! I'm listening to the Allen Carr audiobook whilst I work hoping the message will sink right in! Although as he's not an advocate of NRT its kind of making me nervous, that I'm doing it wrong!

Has anyone else managed to use the theory of Allen Carr along with NRT or is this an incorrect approach? :confused:


Do whatever it takes mr M

Hello my quit buddies and fellow quitters alike:D

Halfway throught day2 and have just sat down for the first time,so mornings arent really a prop for me.

Iv been fine,keep drinking water and brushing teeth and telling myself that

1. I dont want to be a smoker anymore

2.That I dont want to go through withdrawal anymore

3.That I want to be healthy and not have cancer lurking in my mind anymore

Iv read Allen carr and think its ok to still use nrt,whatever gets you through the day.:)


You are going so well Mrs Mash, you already have your 2nd smoke free lunch time under your belt, just keep focused on small achievable targets and before you know it we will be at the end of the week and looking forward to week 2.

It's my Nephew's 6th birthday next week so I'm looking forward to spending £30-£40 on him that would normally have been wasted on fags.

I fully expect to see you on Day 3!!



Those are good thoughts Carol! Yeah I like the theory and this is my quit so I'll just try what I think works for me :)

Ooohh I'll be seeing you in day 3 alright Charlie! Your nephew's birthday is a great incentive, what a lovely thought!


Mrs Mash

You're doing OK. Please just do whatever it takes to keep your successful quit going. And, if that means Mr Carr and NRT, then that's absolutely fine!

Fi x


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