No Smoking Day
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Nearly a week!

Hi All,

Glad to see you are all doing so well :)

I'm at the latter stages of day 6 now and am struggling a bit today :(

Feeling I guess a bit like I'm missing something....weird.

On the whole not too bad and am now going 3-4 hour periods where I'm barely noticing which is great.

Its strange because sometimes I think OMG I'm so gonna cave and then a little while later I think this aint so bad...I'm going slowly mad I think :eek:

Anyway training later and they don't allow you to smoke in a martial arts class so should be ok ;)

Looking forward to clearing my first week fingers crossed.

Take care all.


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Well done jonny, 6 days is great, baby steps at first, imagine howuch more energy you will have in martial arts class. It will get easier, stick with it.:D


Oh my Jonny welcome to my world lol. :eek:

Still waiting for some of the smoke to clear as it were. Glad to see you posting, just wanted to let you know I'm pullin for ya!!



Thanks for all the support guys , you are a constant inspiration :)


You'll have a week behind you in no time.

Just think each craving or difficult episode is one less you'll have to endure. :)


I can't believe I've got this far, you will find a way, you've already done it really? You know you can go without, I think that's a massive hurdle!

Well done, and keep it going!!

Nicki x



I know where you're coming from 'feeling a bit lost'. All part of the Rollercoaster Ride Jonny. A weeks amazing, way to go, well done:)

Fi x


Well done Jonny! It is a strange experience this quitting lark but it is doable and you my dear are doing it! Keep going Jonny.:)


Jonny you're doing great, really pleased to see you still going for it! I know what you mean about feeling as though something's missing - it's not until we stop that we realise to what extent smoking had invaded our lives and pretty much taken over! And the fact that a few hours strung together when we don't even think of having a cigarette can be followed by a whacking great crave is just bizarre, but that just seems to be how it goes. Just keep batting away the little crossing-your-mind craves like those practice shots the players take to warm up before Wimbledon matches and when the big crave shows up, whack it with some welly like a Sampras serve! That magic first week is nearly in the bag, keep on trucking, you can do it!:)

Did someone mention Tennis, Wimbedon!!!!! Hazel and I love tennis:).

Anyone else?

And a Sampras serve would send a crave to the moon:)

Fi x


Who mentioned tennis?

Tennis!!! I love it too!Wimbledon the best...

Any way massive well done jonny nearly a week.Im 2 days behind you and know what you mean by something missing.

But if you are like me and have quit many times before you will know its just an illusion and not real.Because once we give in we are on the" I want to quit rollercoaster" again.Its a pain these first few weeks but it something we have to do if we want to stop smoking...................:D


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