No Smoking Day
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Oh gosh. day 8 already

Where has the time gone it'a day 8 already.:eek:

Still doing fine if I say so myself.

Tried one of the lozengers this morning. puftt yuck yuck. won't be having another one of them.

If anybody needs some yell and you can have them, 3 un-opened pks and one pk with 1 taken out. Nicorette cools. 4mg icy mint.

Can't seem to get warm today, have got heater next to me in office to try and warm up.

Just need to stop eating.

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Firmly sitting on top of the little demon.

Soon flatten him into oblivion :D



Well you've got your wish, you do smell nice:) Over the 1 week mark now, that's the worst bit over IMO. Well done, just fab:)

Fi x


Hey WTSN!!! We're on the same day I think! I believe it was the 17th that I jumped on my horse again!! Good for you!! And I'm inflating like a hot air balloon!!!! Mmmm..... Cheesecake, cookies & chocolate seem to be my vice these days!!! X


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