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Back to Day 1

Hello all,

I have decided to go back to day 1 and not kid myself that I am still smoke free. Over the alst few weekends I have have caved in while out drinking and thought I have this under control, I can just be a weekend smoker.

When I found myself buying a pack last night when I wasn't drinking or going out I realised that I have slipped back.

So on my way to work I threw them in a public bin and decided I would admit my shame to myself and all the good people on here who helped me back at the start of January and go back to Day 1.

I have learnt that when you stop, you have to stay stopped and not think just one would be alright. And I will also make sure that there are no butt ends lying around the garage, as that was the stary to my lapse.

This time I am stronger and more prepared.

Here goes.......


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am still here

hiddng in the background x


Glad you're starting afresh Ramasus.

It's so easy to kid ourselves that we can just a social cigarette now and then - there are legions of us on here that have fallen for that one! But the fact is, if you have one fag you are waking the beast and it's only a matter of time until you are back in its thrall.

Best foot forward, you know you can do this, and now you are better and wiser for your mistake.

Here's to your forever quit!



Be strong with this one ramasus, go full tilt into the one and only final quit. As Max said there is no half quit, you can't dig half a hole. I too threw mine in a public bin and said 'enough'. I wish you all the strength in the world for success and liberation!

As far as the Penthouse Express is concerned, it's a great way to travel I'm sure. I'm a little way ahead but travelling on a parallel path to the same destination - I'll be glad to look across and clear any leaves off the line, and switch the points if First Quitrail have left any track in need of repair! Safe passage.... :)


Good on you xx

I made the same mistake several times in the past the end we are just kidding our selves....

It's really true when they say you can't even have one more drag...

Well done keep strong xx


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