Day 9

Well I have manged to make it to day 9 & through my first full wkend.... I feel great!! Don't get cravings soo much, just the habit of looking for my packet to go & have one; to suddenly realise I don't smoke anymore! I have a little smile & carry on with what i should be doing. Concentration was hard this wk but has improved throughout! Breathing better than ever & the gym a breeze! So I can safely say.... Never, ever again will I smoke! :-)

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  • Love to see People feeling good about how they doing, keep it up leeroy your doing great lad

  • Well done Leeroy! You sound like you are really enjoying your smoke-free life. keep at it, and keep enjoying! :)

  • Thank you guys for the encouragement & also well done to you guys!!

    Start of week 2 is going well, cravings gone, fussy head gone, although I think I am going through a bit of a mourning stage? I feel like I’ve lost someone or something that has been very important to me for such a long time & I had a little joke with a colleague this morning that life is boring without smoking :eek: I'm determined never to again as my fitness over the last week has improved dramatically but I hope it doesn't last too long! Just keeping as busy as possible so I don't get time to think about it too much! I feel much better just getting it off my chest, Thanks all!! :)

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