No Smoking Day
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Well done for making such a huge effort

Just popped in to see whats happening and to wish all you brave souls good luck in your battle.

I wont lie, giving up smoking was the hardest thing I have ever had to do but with a strong mind, support and the will to succeed you will get through this.

My only real advice is just set little goals

When I gave up, I literaly set a goal to get until the next tea break, then home time and so on, I didnt think that I would last a week but I did, it was a battle but you have to be strong. the "just one wont hurt" attitude will get you nowhere..

Be strong, be true to yourself and you will be fine

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Thanks for the encouragement, and well done to you. I have had a few failed quits in the past but the biggest thing that i have learned from them is that it is impossible to have just one cigarette. Its so easy to convince yourself that one wont do any harm then you wont have any more! I learned the hard way and now i know for sure that it is not an option, i've stopped for good.

Thanks again for the reminder. :)


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