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Gutted !

Had some really terrible news today, one of my colleagues passed away last night, she was only 41 but had been off work some some considerable time as was trying to overcome an alcohol addiction :(

Her poor daughter is only 13 and has now had to go to foster care :(

It's going to be a tough weekend, but am determined not to smoke (she was one of my smoking pals) ........

I may be on here a lot this weekend x

Angela x

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I am so sorry for you Angela, the exact same thing happened to me last week, and it effected me a lot worse than I was expecting, which I assume was due to quitting. Please look after yourself nd remember as much as you feel you need a smoke, YOU DON'T. It will make things worse.

Take care



Thanks Jane, I feel so sad for her daughter, she has no father either!

I know having a fag will not make me feel better at all, so am not even going to consider having one, hope you are feeling a bit better too x


Oh, so sad, hopefully there will be other family, who can take her in. It is always more difficult when young children are involved.:(

Thanks, I'm feeling much much better, pretty scary time though.


Best wishes and strength to see you through this weekend and beyond. It's a terrible burden for sure to lose a friend.

I have no doubts at all about you smoking, you are a firm plant in solid ground. Hang in there!! :o



Sorry to hear of your news. It must be heartbreaking. Im sure your smoking friend will be so proud of you for stopping smoking and taking control of your life. Lots if love x


How sad so very very sorry.


Thanks everyone for your kind words :) x


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