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I'm Back!

Hello all,

I'm amazed I even remebered my password for this site. Well I'm pleased to report I'm still an ex smoker and went past the two year point last month. Hardly even think about it these days, the odd times but very little.

This site really used to help me so pleased it's still helping others, thanks to not smoking I still do a bit of running and play football, which I just coulndt do as a smoker.

Good luck to all quiters, what ever stage you're at!


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god knows I'm afraid, I was around a 15-20 a day man. I always used to find though, that being someone who usually struggled month to month, when it came to smoking, I could never figure out how I actually managed to afford it, but somehow I did, and when I quit, I never really noticed having more money either, there was always somewhere for it to go.


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