It seems I'm in the penthouse

Well one year done, never thought I would get this far especially as I quit on a whim one Thursday morning whilst coughing my guts up and saying half heartedly never again.

Now a year quit 2 grand better off, and 5580 cigarettes not smoked , some frightening stats attached to my quit.

For day one starters , I'm weak and smoking was my thing for thirty years, if I can you can .

Good luck, keep going its so worth it 😃😃😃

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  • wow weee




    Thats a great post to be reading

    and yep the money you have saved is brill dont forget most of the time when you popped into a shop for ciggies you would sometimes buy a drink sweets paper and lottery tickets/scratch cards :eek:

    with that lot on top you have saved even more money

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