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Worst craves

Couple days ago I had the worst crave ever. My baby has been ill and teething, so super grumpy for few days and sleeping even less than normal. Then my husband got ill as well and Im sure you all know how a man flu affects the entire family :rolleyes: After a night of holding the baby upright and then listening to crying for few hours in the morning I just had it. It was nice and sunny outside, I had just got the baby to sleep in his pram... and Bang it hit me. I deserve one, just one in the sunshine, just this time coz its been so hard... I headed upstairs to inspect hubbys drawers as I knew he had not got rid of all the cigs. And there it was. I held it in my hand, sniffed at it, did the smoking motions and imagined.... then I put it back in the box, closed the drawer, got my self a book, glass of wine and a gum and sat outside enjoying the sunshine... until the grumpy bundle of joy woke up again of course. NEVER been so bloody proud of my self :D

Had my husband get rid of that box of cigs though, just in case.

Whats your worst crave to date and how did you get over it?


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Way to goo!!!!

that's will power and strength for you well done you must be so proud of yourself xx


Well done Roosa!

Fight the demon !!!!


Well done you, thats really good, am pleased you have dumped the remaining cigs though, really well done x

Angela :D:D


Hi Rosa, One of my worst craves, was a couple of weeks ago, I was in bed reading quite happily and one line said "He inhaled deeply on his cigarette "

I dont know why it affected me so much but it really set off a bad crave, silly really because my husband still smokes but I guess this will happen from time to time. I did so want to inhale deeply on a cigarette, but some good people on here brought me to my senses :D


Wowser congrats!! Think you did amazingly well!! I am not sure I would have had your will power - I have had to remove all temptation from the house certainly the first couple of weeks I would have caved at any opportunity!

This just proves how mentally strong you are and how well set up you are for this quit, I think this is the one Roosa it is definitely the start of a new you and wow you have done so well! Congrats!! TVH x


I had the strongest crave the first time I was on a plane since I stopped smoking and when we landed and the air hostess reminded everyone not to smoke till in a smoking area. Despite the fact I was over a month into my quit, that feeling of "let me off the plane to have a ciggie" was overpowering!!


Anyway.....onwards and upwards. 100 days today, 2000 fags not smoked and £800 saved. What's not to like?


Roosa, that really is sticking two fingers up to smoking, took guts though, well done...

Similar to Doug - my first flight about two weeks after quitting. I could cheerfully have punched a fox by the time we landed and it was only an hour! I ate four bags of peanuts, the stewardess must have thought 'greedy freeloading sod' :o

Even now I sometimes think "oh, a couple of hours where I can't smoke..." And then quickly remember I don't smoke any more and it doesn't matter. So that's ok then, no problem! Just a fleeting moment and easily dismissed.

Stay strong....



Thx guys!!! The triggers are a funny thing... I was kind of expecting stress related craves, but sometimes it can come out of nowhere. Flights are definitely one to watch for me too. Luckily my next flight is not until June.

One good thing about mega craves is that ones you get passed one, the confidence builds so you know you can manage it next time.



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