No Smoking Day
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Day 4

Rolled into day 4 yesterday but like to count days from the morning (hope that makes sense)

Gently bobbing along at the moment, not feeling to bad.

Have seemed to getting heart burn a lot. (not badly but enough to go yuck)

Have also got a headache today but rather that than a crave.

I have just noticed that my finger tips are pinky in colour and not look cold, the circulation must be coming back :D

Better disapear and get work done or boss will moan.

See you all soon

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What Kat says, I too think the first few days are by far the worst, so huge well done:). You're doing well, just please try not to,look too far ahead!

Fi x


Great news Jane, you are smashing this! I know what you mean, I stopped at 10:45 in the morning, so even when i wake up, i havent actually started a new smoke free day until a few hours later LOL Its great that you are showing signs of recovery already, the body is an amazing machine.

Keep it up, stay strong.


Still doing ok. Keep getting odd cravine but not to bad. They seem to hit later in day.

I have brought some nice refreshing pastels to suck to see if they take mind off things.

Looking forward to tomorrow evening as I have my appointment with nurse and will have my CO reading taken again. Hope its better than it was on Saturday.

Hope everybody doing ok and nobody falling of the train


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