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3 weeks YEEEAAAHHH !!!

A good morning to you all,

It's been 3 weeks since my quit. And I guess as everybody also who made it that far, I also never thought that I could make it.

The last three weeks taught me a lot, but most importantly to accept my new life style as a non-smoker.

I saved a lot of money but also I saved about 52.5 hours which crazy ... it is more than a regular working week.

Anyways, I'd also like to encourage all other fellow quitters. Yes I know its a struggle sometimes to resist the temptation, especially when you are in stressful situations (called life :D) .... but you really don't need it, and it doesn't make your problems or sorrows go away ....

So, stay strong and keep on not smoking !!!!!!!

Have a great day :)

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Yaaaay well done

I find it amazing how much time I gave up for dragging on a cig life is so much more easy now I'm not timing it around have the next smoke :)



Thanks Kat and Chrissy .... I am right behind you two actually :)



Such positivity, good for you:) You are doing so, so well my love.

Fi x


Excellent New Chris!! You are storming along now. Keep it up :)


Thank you soooo much ... it is really really great to read your motivating words :)

How is everyone else doing today?

And it really does get easier ... I actually didn't believe it myself, as a ex- ,heavy' smoker (oh this feels good!!!)

But am I over the worst yet???

hmmmm only time will tell ;)


Thanks Max, I think I know what you mean ...

Its just, one moment I think .. Oh Jesus I think I am a non-smoker now and then a moment later when everything stresses me like crazy I remember what I used to do 21 days ago ....

In my case I always associate stress situations with a ,relief-cigarette' to escape for a couple of minutes ...




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