50 days today :)

Can't believe it's been 50 days since I last smoked - i'm sooooo happy that i've got this far (bloody miracle after the day i've had!) but i'm getting there day by day :)

What's even more shocking is this...

1 month, 2 weeks, 4 days, 23 hrs & 5mins - I've saved £289.09, cigs not smoked 1000 :eek:

I daren't even add up how much money i've spent in the last 34 years :o

Here's to the next 50 days & another £289!!

Denise x

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  • Yay!!!!! Fan flippin tastic!!!!!! Denise!


  • Well done Denise ....

    I think the average smoker would spend around 50 grand in a life time bloody shocking ::eek:


  • Well done Denise!!! Isn't it a great milestone to get to! We can start to count down to day 100 now :D

  • Love it.Love it Love it. Don't go there about the money, Denise. I could have bought a lovely house! But we are not handing any more money over to the Treasury now are we? Stay strong. it's worth it. xx

  • Denise very nice, now lets just keep clocking up the days,saving or those £ and carry on breathing or that smoke free fresh air CONGRATS :D:D:D:D

  • Denise

    50 days is amaazzzing! Well done my love:) You are sounding so pleased and positive and everyone here pleased for you:)

    Fi x

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