No Smoking Day
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50 days today :)

Can't believe it's been 50 days since I last smoked - i'm sooooo happy that i've got this far (bloody miracle after the day i've had!) but i'm getting there day by day :)

What's even more shocking is this...

1 month, 2 weeks, 4 days, 23 hrs & 5mins - I've saved £289.09, cigs not smoked 1000 :eek:

I daren't even add up how much money i've spent in the last 34 years :o

Here's to the next 50 days & another £289!!

Denise x

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Yay!!!!! Fan flippin tastic!!!!!! Denise!



Well done Denise ....

I think the average smoker would spend around 50 grand in a life time bloody shocking ::eek:



Well done Denise!!! Isn't it a great milestone to get to! We can start to count down to day 100 now :D


Love it.Love it Love it. Don't go there about the money, Denise. I could have bought a lovely house! But we are not handing any more money over to the Treasury now are we? Stay strong. it's worth it. xx


Denise very nice, now lets just keep clocking up the days,saving or those £ and carry on breathing or that smoke free fresh air CONGRATS :D:D:D:D



50 days is amaazzzing! Well done my love:) You are sounding so pleased and positive and everyone here pleased for you:)

Fi x


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