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Dreaming about smoking

Hi all

It's the faceless wonder here, can't disclose my identity if my mother found out I had smoked she would literally kill me and yes I am 35 and should 'woman up' but I can't and giving up smoking is hard enough without the overdue and very late wrath of a loved one!?

Anyway I am rambling! I have a recurring dream and wondered if anyone else had it!? Basically I smoke so break my quit. That's it really but wake up with.a substantial feeling of guilt and can't shake it, it's so real some days I actually think I have smoked and ruined things!? And other days I long for a cig as its like my fake dream cig has topped up my nicotine levels

Anyone else experienced this

By the way sorry I keep posting!! I am absolutely fine all day keep busy at work don't even think about smoking even if I go out for a "fresh air break" with other smokers and yet come 930 onwards my mind starts to wander ... Boredom I think

Hope everyone is keeping up with their quits been a bit me me me lately. And if you are one of these day one wonders sort it out and get into day two!!


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Firstly, please don't every apologise for posting! Post whatever, whenever.

Encourage the new starts with a few words, that'll keep your evenings busy.

Regarding dreams, whilst on patches, I was too busy doing bank heists to smoke!!!!! I was the mastermind, and it took its toll, I was shattered in the mornings!!!!

I'm sure I,ve read of many others having dreamt they've smoked, so it's not uncommon TVH.

You're doing just fine :)

Fi x


I have been stopped over 3 years and I still have a dream that I am smoking a gig I get annoyed at myself for starting smoking again but I never remember in my dream lighting it. You will get dreams you are smoking for a long time it's normal but they will become less frequent and do no harm. :)

POST, POST, POST AND POST AGAIN IT WILL HELP YOU!!!!! If you feel you need help come on here and ask for it, that's what this forum is for.


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