Hi, all. I'm back!

Hope you are all well.

I've had a mad couple of weeks with work and now I'm spending time with my little boy for his half term.

My quit has been very close to compromised - I've had some tough days and i'm not feeling I'm out of the woods yet. Whether its the trigger of hard work or just the adrenaline of completing a big event, the nico demon has been constantly seeking my attention. I haven't given in, not yet. But it's been harder than it was the first few days. Not physically, just that stupid nagging feeling in the pit of my stomach and the constant stream of junkie thoughts invading my every cell! :( i'm hoping once normality sets in again over next few days I'll be past the danger point.

I so don't want to be a smoker again, and I know in my heart of hearts that it will get easier again. Anyway, enough about me!

I'm just about to catch up with all your posts - hope you are all keeping strong!



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  • Yay your back!!

    Big hello Nik ~ Soooo glad to have you back! Sorry to hear you are wobbling a little bit.... here's my 2 cents on that...... you know from the past that starting over absolutely sux, and I can confirm it as well eh. Keep that in mind and just breathe.....

    Any time this evening to maybe have a little wine, relax unwind a bit??

    I know they are just words but I am pulling for ya, I know you can resist these annoying thoughts to smoke.

    They are only the voice of a dying habit and can't get to you. That is my mantra, see if it can work for you. A little visualization helps too if you can picture it in your head..... nothing but a dying habit trying to cling on to you for life!! Flick it off and step right on the little bastard. :mad:

    I'm here allllll night so whatever you need!!


  • Nik

    You clever clogs:) You know, I think you've 'got this' :). Well done:)

    Fi x

  • Thanks, chick!

    Hi Sherri,

    So lovely to hear from you! Glad you are back too.

    Yes, i'm keeping strong. i've got a glass of wine.

    Have had a couple of days of loooong walks which helped as well.

    I'm coming across the same hurdles I came across my last quit. It's not the physical addiction thats killing me - it's the constant little nagging in my head. I am doing my best to just acknowledge the voices for what they are (a dying habit) and move on.

    Once I get past this week, I'm going to get myself back in my routine, running shoes waiting for me by the door!

    Thanks for your lovely words of support. It's nice to see a familiar name from the January 13 quitters. Do you know if any of the others are still on board?




  • Haha! i wish!


    You clever clogs:) You know, I think you've 'got this' :). Well done:)

    Fi x

    Hey, Nutmeg!

    I sure don't feel very clever at the mo. But I feel stronger from seeing messages like yours! Thanks so much!




  • Nearly a faller, but not quite!

    Nice to see you back Nik and must admit thought you might have been a faller

    Glad youre ok :D

    Hey Max!

    Thanks for stopping by.

    The event / campaign I've been organising finished on the 17th and i've been working 12 hour days until then - weekends and all. It's been very very tough as I work from home so the temptation has been there constantly.

    Thankfully, I didn't give in. But I've jsut felt as if I've used my last bits of will power - feeling a bit dry of it at the moment.

    Anyway, I have a tendency to waffle on...still here.

    Glad to see you are still going strong



  • Hey Nik,

    There are a few of us still around, Roosa, Isha, Chris, Jane but some disappeared as well and one or two I hope come back. :confused:

    I understand totally what you are saying about the physical vs. mental aspects. I like you have a much harder time with the latter. I have done a few things differently this time that do seem to be helping with my what I call (weak hours). Early mornings before work and evenings. Getting up a full 30 minutes later in the morning so I have to rush a bit and no time to bemoan the losss of the morning ciggies and walking a couple of miles each night as well as working out 3-4 times a week. I am also using the patch this time so I can concentrate on one battle at a time. No physical cravings but trying to conquer the hardest for me which is the mental, then the other will be a walk in the park. ;)

    No troubles with eating or anything like that although I probably look like a farmer with the straw hanging out of my mouth at times lol. Keeps me from overeating anything so what the heck!!

    Hang in there chica !! You can do it.....


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