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Day 10 Double figures

Yaaaaaay! Made it to day 10. Feeling very pleased with myself.

Chatted with a few of the girls from work about what I'm going through.......they just don't get it. Not one of them has ever had even an experimental drag on a ciggie. I just said I have at times felt like the most hopeless,addicted junkie you can imagine and I still don't think they could even begin to understand.

Another reason why this forum is great. You all know exactly what I'm getting at. :)

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Woo Hoo! well done Pisky! another day smoke free!

I know the feeling, people just don't understand what were going through. "Never-smokers" find it especially hard. I have some smokers at my work and they seem to be quite jealous though, but they are not ready to quit yet, I have tried to get them to join me LOL

Anyways, keep up the good work :)


Lol Max. It's been far from P*** easy. The NRT is making the whole thing manageable though by weaning me off the physical addiction while I fight the psychological addiction.



Double figures, way to,go:). Well done:)

Fi x


Well done Pisky, feels good to reach day 10 with ya, wont be long before it'll be 2 weeks , keep it up :)


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