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50 days completed!

Hi all, I've now successfully completed 50 days of not smoking!!! How fantastic is that! It was touch and go at one point today when my mum took me round Ikea backwards then I had to go through it all again in the right direction to get out again - my poor mum was gasping for a fag by the time we'd finished and I could have easily faltered if I'd wanted to but I didn't.

I have booked a weekend away for myself, my bestfriend and our kids with some of the money I've not spent on stinky death delivery systems!

It's only 2 nights at Pontins but it'll be a good laugh and more importantly it's more nice memories for my kids - it beats the hell out of standing in the cold smoking!!!!

A note for any new quitters reading this.....

The first few days of quitting are long and arduous for some people, some people get by hour by hour and find getting to the end of a week has felt like months. If you are struggling try to keep telling yourself that it really does get easier and soon the days will be flying by and before you know it you'll be counting your quit time in months!

Stay positive about your quit because the benefits are endless! :D

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Thank you juju and so glad to hear you so positive and just steam rolling right along. I am looking forward to those major milestones and I can just begin to see them on the horizon!! Thanks for the encouragement always offered. Sometimes we forget how much it might just get one person through one more day!

Congrats to you, a fine accomplishment indeed!!! ;) You deserve a toast so I raise my wine glass, salute !!!!



Ju Ju

Well Done! IKEA is enough to make even a none smoker want a fag! You have a great little holiday youve eared it:D


Sherri, just keep trying and you'll reach all your milestones one day :) I think I might have a glass of something with you.

Thanks Tooshay. I'm so glad I didn't have the kids with me today, that could have tipped me over the edge in Ikea lol. I can't wait for my break even though Southport is gonna be cold - and if it snows then we'll go and build a snowman on the beach! Nothing will spoil my little holiday! :D



Yehh, way to go my love. 50 days is amaazzzing:). Well done:)

You are sounding very positive, and you know, I think you've definitely got this!

Enjoy your wee break with your children Juju.

Fi x



Ohh what a great positive post to be reading when i first logged on here today


So glad to see your progressing so well in your quit Juju and your right it does certainly get better the further along the quit journey you go and it wont be long before you will actually suddenly think

wtf :eek: omg ive not thought about smoking for days now

but dont get complacent about it ive always found on waking each day to say to myself that i choose not to smoke today and when i come on here and read all the newbies posts of how they are struggling it also helps to remind me of what a addictive nasty expensive habit smoking is

Saving up for a holiday sounds like a great idea to spend the money that you would have spent

i found that ive saved even more as going into a shop to buy baccy i would always normally end up spending more money on either scratchcards (if i was feeling lucky:rolleyes:) sweets crisps drinks which also soon added the total up

onwards and upwards is the only way to go




At you

JUJU well what can i say apart from a very very BIG well done.....................................YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEE your flying at high altitude :D:D:D:D


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