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Morning Gang,

Just thought i'd share a little something with you all:


That's right, I have officially done 1 whole week, 7 whole days!!

I'd like to thank all of you who have supported me and made the journey that little be easier. I know a week is not a long time in the grand scheme of things, but I am so proud right know, grinning from ear to ear!!

Now you will have to excuse me, I'm off to post in the 'Week 2' thread!!!

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Well done Craig, that's brilliant!!

You've got through the hardest week so you've got every right to be proud of yourself!!


A huge achievement, Craig. Be really proud.

It may not be all over now in terms of craves and readjustment... but you've certainly cracked hell week, which shows you have all the determination you need. Keep on keeping on!

Helen x


Kat - thank you, I'm celebrating by finishing work then going straight to college... Yay... LOL. I will have to celebrate on the weekend instead :)

Gemma-Lou - Thank you so much, It does feel good having the first week done!

Helsbelles - Thank you for your kind words, I do feel determined, each hour that passes fills me with a little more confidence.

Max - Thanks mate, smashing hit one round at a time. one of these days he will not be getting back up. I will be standing above him Victorious!

I cant change the setting for money spent on my phone app, will have to try a different one. I too used to smoke roll-ups that would cost £6 per 50g pouch (back of a lorry job haha). so far I've probably only saved £4, but i'm not doing this for the money. doing it for so many other reasons. and of course, even burning little money is still stupid!

Thanks again Gang, means so much :D


Nice one Craig, good achievement!

I do wonder sometimes how we set our milestones. Daily for a week, then weekly, then monthly seems very appropriate. But I often see people celebrating some random binary numer - "day 41, yay!" or even "half past four, wahoo" or something. Eh? Ok, so I made up half past four but you know what I mean. Couple of weeks til my next one.

I'm almost up to £400. *gulp*

Any road up, waffle aside, Craig well done. Give the imp a swift boot for me will you? And stay strong, the next milestone will be up before you know it with that attitude. :)


Yes, true Max. Also events - the first time I xxxx without smoking. First night out. First holiday. First night alone. All the personal hurdles we call triggers. All conquored one by one, one at a time.


Congrats Craig, you are doing just wonderful. Keep up the good work!! :cool:

Hawkeye - I am celebrating 8:06 this morning as I managed to get myself out the door and on my way to work without morning ciggies!! LOL

Will probably celebrate some other random hours throughout the week haha!! ;)



Well done Craig, It's my day seven tomorrow, still a lot of work to do yet Craig

But we can do it, you just keep thinking about your lad.

Joan xx


Wooohooo well done craig!!!!

first week down is amazing you should be proper proud of yourself keep going your doin brill xx:)


craig! Excellent! Just excellent!:)


Thank you SOOOOOO much everyone!! I really do love reading all your commenets! Much love.


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