No Smoking Day
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Nearly end of day 2

Nearly to the end of day 2, just a few more hours to go.

Have got a niggling headache today.

Have also got the the wanting syndrome, it's not a crave but just fancy a smoke.

It's strange, when you smoke you never think of them but as soon as you stop smoking thats all that goes round in your mind.

I have 2 bars of choccy and also some mints and a boiled sweet lolly sitting beside be but can't decide what to have.

Really not feeling bushy tailed and alert, Feel like I want to go back to my bed and sleep

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You're doing great, just keep at it! you will beat it!

just one more tip, change your signature, the following line in particular:

"After many attempts started another quit 17/02/2013"

It should read:

"After many attempts started FINAL quit 17/02/2013"

You WILL smell nice. Just believe in YOURSELF. you CAN do it. You WILL do it.

We are all here for you.


Battle of the minds going on at moment.

Up one min, down the next.:(

Grr, grumble, grumble,


Good to see you changed your signature! Positive thinking, you can do this, the "down" times will pass. and after that there will be only "up" times. Stay Strong! eat some sweets, chew some gum, drink some water. whatever its takes, just get through it!



Well done!

I know it is quite a challenge ... I thought about smoking all the time when I used to smoke, like ... when is my next break so that I can have a smoke.

The first couple of days after I stopped smoking, I just told myself I will ,survive' it not having a smoke right now and another one is ,I don't NEED one'. I am aware that it does sound absolutely ridiculous but I got through it ... and now 20 days without a ciggie :)

You can do this!!!!


Wondering if my patch not working right. Had a shower on with it this morning and have an idea its moved so maybe some of the stuff on it was washed away.

Not giving up though, will just eat everything and everything in sight instead. :D


Hi Nicey,

You can do it just keep moving forward. Your appetite should settle down after awhile. Cigarettes are actually an appetite suppressant, once you get off them you feel ravenous for a few weks, at least I did. Then it calms down. Try and keep some healthy snacks available if weight is an issue or resolve to move more lol. I now walk 4 miles nightly and work out 4 to 5 times a week. It really helps me !! :D



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