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Rejoining the Party!

Hi All,

You may remember me from earlier in the month...well, I lasted 23 days and then succumbed - very frustrated with myself - lessons learnt:

1. The quit does get boring - but its also easier and no Christopher, you cannot have just one - how many times!!!

2. Stick to your promise and use this forum more - don't think you have to be a lone solider in this war!

3. Work will always be there - as will stresses - smoking is just another stress.

4. Positive Positive Positive - A trait I have noticed on here - the more positive people are - the more smoothly the quit seems to go (just my opinion/observation).

5. Build a closer network - I see a few people quitting today - which is good - can motivate each other and dare each other not to give in.

Thats all and looking forward to getting back to the darn penthouse (been there once before but did a sucidal jump off the balcony!!)


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Welcome back Chris, I was about to send out a search party for your a** lol.

I am going to start a new group for us new and serial quitters so please join me, look for my thread poste haste hahaha !!




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