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Remember Me?

Hola peeps, I'm back! I did so well last year for about 8 weeks however, slowly but surely the annoying little things have crept back in. Was smoking around 10-15 a day but I am now at 1 day, 19hrs & 8 mins since last smoke!!! Yep, it's doing my head in but I remembered you guys you gave me a lot of encouragement last time! This has helped no end!! Let the roller-coaster ride start again!!! :eek:

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I know the feeling, gave up for 3 months a couple of years back and slowly let it creep up on me. I thought I could turn into one of those "Social Smokers". Turns out I cant LOL. BUT at least I know now that Not One Puff Ever really is true.

We can do this! we will beat this! one day at a time. but we must always have our guard up for whenever the beast will try to attack.


Well done Leeroy for getting back on that horse. Remember the first few days are the most difficult, but the gain from doing it is tremendous. I'm rooting for you.:D


Thanks guys! Just an update, I have now developed cold like symptoms (runny nose, cough, feel horrible) & can not sleep! I know this is the withdrawal but really sucks! I need sleep!! Anyway, here I go & try to get some! :-(


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