Remember Me?

Hola peeps, I'm back! I did so well last year for about 8 weeks however, slowly but surely the annoying little things have crept back in. Was smoking around 10-15 a day but I am now at 1 day, 19hrs & 8 mins since last smoke!!! Yep, it's doing my head in but I remembered you guys you gave me a lot of encouragement last time! This has helped no end!! Let the roller-coaster ride start again!!! :eek:

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  • I know the feeling, gave up for 3 months a couple of years back and slowly let it creep up on me. I thought I could turn into one of those "Social Smokers". Turns out I cant LOL. BUT at least I know now that Not One Puff Ever really is true.

    We can do this! we will beat this! one day at a time. but we must always have our guard up for whenever the beast will try to attack.

  • Well done Leeroy for getting back on that horse. Remember the first few days are the most difficult, but the gain from doing it is tremendous. I'm rooting for you.:D

  • Thanks guys! Just an update, I have now developed cold like symptoms (runny nose, cough, feel horrible) & can not sleep! I know this is the withdrawal but really sucks! I need sleep!! Anyway, here I go & try to get some! :-(

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