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Having a bad day!

Yes Im having a bad day!, so dosent everyone have them? and surely you dont have to be on a quit to have one. but NO! when I have one Its because I need a fag!!! It couldnt be that I get fed up of being the resident...Agony Aunt/ money lender/ chemist/personal shopper,..shall I go on? Well they can all PISS OFF! and let me have my bad day in peace , NO! telling my to have a cig and I wont be so tetchy! Bloody cheek!!

Thats my rant over for now Im going to carry on my bad day in peace without a fag :mad:

speak later my understanding friends;)

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LMAO nice 1 tooshay my bad has has just got a little bit better :D:D:D:D


Hi will power:) well Im glad I made your day a little better, Im still having a bit of a stinker, but nothing I cant deal with. Two of my daughters and one grandson really really peed me off today and boy did they get it with both barrels! ha! Im getting a bit fed up with the "oh we have to make allowances for nan cos she's trying to give up smoking" DER! I AM NOT TRYING TO I HAVE!

And dont make allowances for ME just look at yourselves!!! ahem, As you may have gathered Im still having a bit of a bad day, and did I mention I forgot to put my patch on yesterday? oh well tomoro is another day.:rolleyes:


Hi Toosh, I can really relate to your posts - my eldest son keeps saying 'just have a fag'... So annoying when you don't want a fag you just want your life to be bloody normal :eek:

Hope you're feeling a bit better, believe me I feel your pain :)

Denise x


HI d Denise, Yes Im feeling a lot better, ha ha I really went on one didn't I !

It just annoys me that since I quit, every time I disagree with anything they say or want me to do, Its because I need a fag! but Its not!

My house is the meeting point for our large family, It always has been and I suppose always will be. What the smokers of the family are missing, is the....

''oh whats the matter come on lets have a brew and a ciggy, and tell me all about it'' Well Im still there for them, but without the lets have a ciggy ha ha I have also got rid of all the ash trays, and the garden smoking bench! so they will have to get used to it! The rolling of the eyes and that looking at each other as if Im loosing the Plot did it and they got Told!! ha ha and I dont think any of them will be saying ''for goodness sake have a cig Mother'' any time soon.

I am very nearly into 8 weeks and I am very proud of that, I fully intend never to smoke again, and will have as many tantrums as it takes! you carry on Denise

your doing so well:)


Hey Max, I had a good Laugh at my post myself! boy but its good to let it all rip on here without people thinking youve lost the plot!:D


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