No Smoking Day
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Day two again!

Feels luike ground hog day!! LOL! It actually took me a while to work out what day I was officially on!!

Sounds odd, but I feel as though Ive been a non smoker from when I first started (end of Jan), although I know thats not the case officially. But best to keep the mindset of a non smoker anyway! Well, I am a non smoker!!

Ok, Im rambling!!

Had the loveliest lay in with me little man this morning, only got up about half hour ago!! This is the beauty of being a 'stay at home mum' with just the one child, younger then school age!! ;-) Ooooh I love it!! And I shall make the most of it!! There will come a day where I shall be running round doing school runs, and going to work etc...and I'll look back and think, thank goodness I made the most of the pre school years!!

Ok, so Im still rambling!!

Right time for breakfast!! Or brunch! Then I shall take my little Lou Star out for a walk to the park....lovely sunshine here today.....feeling good!!

Happy Monday everyone! x

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Awwww, lovely post Isha, you are sounding strong!

So lovely to hear you enjoy your wee man. I have two urchins of school age so they are at home this week on half term. I adore them to the ends of the earth, but I am not naturally maternal, shall we say, and I find parenting quite stressful a lot of the time, so I always admire people like you who really make the best of it.

I'm loving the sunshine too, it makes the world of difference to my mood. Hope you have a really lovely day and yay for your day 2 :)


Ramble on (top choon!) ISHA

It's great to hear :)

You CAN do this, the blips can be just counted as drastically cutting's all good ... it's all gravy :)

Have a great rest of the day




Well, I went for a lovely long walk in a country park nearby........was lovely! Felt like summer was just next favourite time of year. AND I never thought of ciggys once!!

Also, took my toddler for a stroll on his trike! He loved it, in fact we had a screaming match to get him back home through the front door!!

He's now asleep on my lap!!! Perfect.................

..................only thing Im craving right white choc giant cookies!!!! Is there a forum for that?!! xxx

Hope your all having a good day. xxxxx


That's a really positive post Isha, don't forget Kat's meerkat:).

I say if you want a white chocolate giant cookie, then have one, you deserve it.

The pre school age passes way to quick for my liking. The whole childhood passes to quick, if you ask me, always appreciate what you have. It sounds to me as though you are doing that already:D


Hi Isha.... you are doing fantastic!!! I am rooting for you ;)

Max is right we need to start a new February quit club... who's in???




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