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Day 7 – Absolute Nightmare

Morning Gang!! Woke up this morning almost in tears :( I woke up feeling so guilty and disappointed with myself. But luckily it was all just a dream... a dream that I had a dirty, filthy, stinking cig. Wow! It was soooo real!! Has anyone else dreamt they had a smoke?! I swear I could smell/taste it!! So relieved that it was just a dream (NIGHTMARE) and if anything it has spurred me on so much.

The guilt I felt.. from just a DREAM! Imagine what I would feel in real life. I am so determined, I will win this war... who’s with me??

So other than the nightmare, I had a really positive weekend. So confident now, I even cleared the house completely of smoking related products. I’m on Day 7.... I can see the light to the magical 1 week milestone! In just under 24 hours I will be there, and posting in the WEEK 2 Thread! Boooooommm!!!!

6 days down, just started day 7. I’m in HEAVEN!!!

How is everyone else today?


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Hey Craig

Fantastico day 7 well done you. I also feel the same as you at the moment and pretty much have done so from about day 6 onwards. Day 18 for me today and I feel so alive. Am waiting for a bad day but so far just happy one's. Hope that continues for you also it's a great feeling.

Have not dreampt about me smoking but my best mate was smoking in my dream and she gave up about 20 years ago...Wierd.


Hi Craig

Yep...have had the dream.

I also woke up feeling completely crap about myself....was totally resigned to the feeling "Oh noooo I smoke again..."

What a feeling when you wake up properly though and realise it was all just a dream! Get In!!!! :D

You're doing great mate

Stay strong and keep going :)




Scary stuff:eek:

Haven't had any smoking dreams but have had plenty of vivid dreams since I quit. I snogged Alan Davis on an enormous escalator the other night.....****yse that!


Oh no the asterisks are back. I'm sure you understand what I meant.


Yaaay craig!!!!!

well done keep it up xx


Thanks so much guys, I really do appreciate all your replies, just as much as I love hearing your progress. We are in this battle together, its a War that we WILL WIN!!

Ladybug, I feel so good today. I can only think its cos of the dream. It really has given me a massive boost! I hope I stay feeling this good for as long as you have :)

Nifty, Yep its a great feeling when the realisation that it was just a dream kicks in, but also a major boost of excitement!! Thanks mate :)

Max, Bbbbbbboom!! That's the sound of the nicotine beast being thrown out the window and kicked down the street. He now hides in the shaddow waiting for an opportunity to strike, but soon I will have so much light he will have no where to hide and he will be gone forever!!!

Pisky, some weird weird dreams indeed! and I know what you wrote lol

Chrissy, thank you so much. one day at a time we are smashing it!!!

Come ON!!!!! Bring it on you Ugly Nicotine Beast, you will NOT get to US!!!

Stay strong Guys!!!


Thank you DoodleBugRoach, It was the first time I have had a dream (nightmare) about it, it was so real, I hope it was the last.

You are doing fab too! we just have to stick with it and the beast will be beaten!


Good to hear Graig, hope your finding it that bit easyer every day, have nt had any wierd dreams so far but for first few nites i could nt sleep and sweated a lot but that seem to be getting better now :)


I had a few of those dreams in the early days of Champix. You feel absolutely ghastly don't you? It took me ages to realise it WAS just a dream and oh boy the relief to realise. Thank goodness it was just a dream for you Craig x


Thanks Squinter, the first couple of nights I kept waking up during the night hot and sweaty too, but i thought it was becuase I was ill, maybe it was withdrawal too... Anyway, like you, I'm glad to be feeling pretty good :-)

Becky, yes felt sick! so glad it was just a dream - such a relief! Now we must all keep going strong!! Thank everyone!


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