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Day 6 update

Hi gang!! Just a quick update. Day 6 today!! Still feeling reasonably good, still getting cravings but they are manageable. Don't want to jinx anything but it feels as if I've over the worst of it now :-) but still taking it one day at a time.

Have been around smokers today too and was not tempted at all to go and smoke. It seems like such an inconvenience to have to "have a quick fag".

So overall, a pretty good, fairly stress-free weekend :-)

How's everyone else doing today?


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Hi craig glad your still with us well done

ive had a rough few days but hung on in there

Keep up the good work :)


Well done Craig.

Stress free times are definitely what's needed at the start :)

Glad you're feeling good and motoring on.

Take care



Go Craig, you're doing brilliantly.

You've passed a major hurdle in being out with smokers but still staying strong. I remember it well from my only other long term quit. Now I almost want to experience the temptation just so I can resist it but I'm old and boring and hardly ever go out anyway :D

Keep it up.


Thanks EVERYONE!! Its so nice to be able to post on here, even if its just once a day, to let people know your feelings.

DoodleBugRoach, it's great youve had no cravings today, lets keep our fingers crossed it stays that way.

Chrissy, its great to still be here. Sorry you had a rough couple days, but the main thing is you stuck to it :-)

Nifty (Greg) - thanks for your comments, I have been reading your posts to see how youve been getting on, youre doing great too!!

Max - I love all your posts!! lol

Pisky Thanks again! Yes I suppose it was a test. but also a chore... smokers allways have to "just have a fag" before they can do anything... so glad I have QUIT SMOKING :)

Keep at it gang!! We will beat this B@stard!!


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