No Smoking Day
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Made it to day 7

Feeling rather pleased with myself on coming to the end of week 1. The physical withdrawal symptoms of the last couple of days have been bad but have just served to remind me that I never want to go through this process again. All the cravings and symptoms are only temporary and I'm getting through them one at a time.

The hairdresser came yesterday afternoon. She's a smoker and the smell was apparent as soon as she walked in. I told her to still feel free to smoke as we'd often have a smoke while my colour was taking. She didn't though. Must admit I was up for the test as I haven't been with any smokers since I quit.

Onwards and upwards :)

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Cheers chaps.

This forum has been a godsend, it's been really helpful to read of others experiences and to know someone somewhere knows exactly what I'm feeling.


Well done Pisky! You've done absolutely great!! Keep it up, the 1 week mark is in sight!!


Great work Pisky

(I was going to shorten that but thought I may get banned :))

You will be weeks down the line before you know what has hit you.

Brilliant positive attitude :)

Take care



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