Six weeks - time flies - or does it?

Hmmm bit of a waste of a post but I was just pondering (after too much wine at 910pm!!)

Six weeks tomorrow woop!!

Am thrilled and strangely I can't really remember being a smoker it seems like another life ago. Spent the day outside today with smokers blowing smoke around and not tempted to have one in the slightest! I know there are challenges to come but feel great and know I won't give in, each crave these days is tricky but I know I won't give in so I guess I am mentally strong ( and ridiculously proud about cold turkey after approx ten years of 20 a day!!)

But seriously six weeks!? Sounds like NOTHING sounds pathetic and to non smokers I almost feel embarrassed talking about it!

Weird. That is all :)


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  • Thanks Kat looking at you stats you are doing ruddy well yourself!!! Go us!!


  • TVH

    6 weeks is hugh expecially as you have done it cold turkey, I would not of had the strength to do that. You are now no longer physically dependant on Nicotine. Beware, do not think I am no longer addicted to Nicotine so i can have one cig as it will take only one cig to get the Nicotine demon aroused again !!!

    Seriously well done !!!

  • well done

    big well done , 6 weeks will roll into 7,8,9,10, keep it up .best of luck X

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