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Day one!


I'm trying to keep myself busy to forget about the cravings and it seems to be working :) I have a splitting headache though, is this related to quitting or just me haha? Went for a long walk today around the forest and on the foreshore and it was such a difference walking without smoking I felt so energised and relaxed afterwards! Hopefully this will continue!!!

Dan :)

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Good for you Dan. Your lungs are probably having a party with all that fresh air!!! Keep it up...x

Well done keep it up and stay strong.

Day 1 almost!

Hi all

New quitter here! Had my last ever cig at 8.00am and feeling cravings a bit but not too bad? Worried about the morning though, as normally would have at least 5 before I go to work!! Using the 24 hour patch now, and have got an electronic ciggie too which is helping I think? Anyone else using the same thing?

Hope to hear from anyone soon!!

Nicki x

Hello Nicki, well done on getting through your first day :)

I haven't started my quit yet but will be using patches and lozenges. I know you'll get lots of support here, there are some brilliant people on this forum.

Meant to add, you might get more replies if you start a new thread in the 'Day One' board, as more people will see it.

Thanks for that, I will, good luck to you

Hey Dan massive well done and good luck rolled into one! Try really hard not to be a repeat day one visitor

Can't tell you how fab you will feel around day 40. It's not easy especially if you do cold turkey but strange things like better sleep make you realise it's working and then suddenly you can smell EVERYTHING and even better TASTE everything and you start to really enjoy things!! And then that day comes when you realise you don't want one!! You may well be 2 stone heavier but that feels great as well :)

So basically don't give in just because of a stupid waste of money! Would definitely recommend an app for your phone about how far you have come - when you see 'would have smoked 1000 cigs' and you try and picture that in an ashtray well you feel quite proud!!

Sorry went on a bit but wanted to give you a proper push in the right direction! It's not easy but you can do it!!!!!

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