No Smoking Day
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Digging in there!

Day 11! Im so pleased with myself! Feeling the difference having moved down from step 1 to step 2 patches though! Starting to feel a bit edgy, tired and eating everything in sight. I sometimes think that this patch is a placebo, lol. I know without it i would have been smoking days ago so im just digging in there with step 2 for as long as it takes. No way am i going to undo my hard work. Going to keep busy today, still on a mission to buy a treadmill, i've saved £75 so far by not smoking so going to put the money towards it. Hope everyone else has a great weekend! :)

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Aw thanks Max! I can always rely on you for words of wisdom and encouragement. No its not easy, but its a fight well worth winning. By far the best thing we'll ever do. It really is like living a whole new better life. :)


It really is like living a whole new better life. :)

Yes Denise it IS a whole new life and a much better one. You sound positive so just keep that positivity up and it will soon be 11 weeks not 11 days and £750 saved.

well done



Thanks Aitch! Netti im so glad to hear that the patches worked for you. Also glad that it gets easier. Just back from getting a treadmill at last so hopefully that will help when im a bit niggly.:)


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