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No Smoking Day
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Day 5 is a struggle

Hardest day so far for me. Had a few vino's last night and had a rubbish nights sleep. Am going to avoid alcohol until I win this battle. Also woke with a really sore tongue. The pain is on one side at the back and feels like an ulcer although I can't see one. Yuck! Feel tired and crabby. Had a walk in the sun with dogs, friend and kids but that didn't lift my mood. The only positive today is that the cravings aren't too bad. God, I'm a ray of sunshine today!

Struck me earlier today that I'm keeping all my "not smoking supplies" (gum,patches,spray) in the same place that I kept my baccy. Have moved everything to disassociate my new temporary habits with smoking.

Hope everyone else is having a better day:)

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Day 5 is brilliant though Pisky! The first few days are the worst so if you can get through them you can get through more. Keep going you are doing great! You can do this Pisky!


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