No Smoking Day
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Still here, day 9!

Hi all!

Sorry I've not been about for a few days, but our laptop has been playing silly buggers and only seems to run for about 20 minutes a day :eek: - but I've told hubby I had to pop on here & let you all know I'm still going strong!

I celebrated the week by going for a meal with my mum then on to see Les Miserables (and didn't need a smoke after, though I *did* need a stiff drink and a little while to stop sniffling ;)) and yesterday for Valentines hubby and I went for sushi and shopping at Bluewater which was SOOO much nicer not having to go outside every couple of hours! He bought some flowers I can actually smell as he knows I'm well chuffed to discover I have a pretty good sense of smell (who knew!?!) and he bought some exercise clothes for me so I can start running again to get rid of those few pounds gained from chaining malteasers last week! :D Oh and the les mis soundtrack but that's just because I'm a little bit obsessed and nothing to do with not smoking...

I'm still enjoying being free, and I feel so much more relaxed and contented - I hadn't been feeling very happy for a long while so it's lovely. I'm not dreading half term like I usually do, even though the 8 year old has just just been 'discovered' by the school music teacher and has some solo lines to learn as well as the rest of the songs, god help me! ;)

I just feel *right* again - more like me!

It's lovely to see those of you i've talked to are still on here & going strong, my thoughts are with you and when it's all fixed I look forward to coming back to cheer on the next wave! Keep up the good work, everyone! x x

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So happy for you well done xxxx


Well done Claire, keep going and stay strong, you can do this!:)


Very encouraging post Claire, well done,by the way what is Bluewater?


Massive well done Claire you are doing so well!

It's amazing when you can suddenly smell and taste again isn't it! And you technically get paid (save money) to experience it!woop!

Keep it up!



Well done Clairefun, there's not much really to say! you seem to have smashed it!! Keep it up!!

Oh and Janeissane, Bluewater is a shopping centre in Kent, not too far from where I live. (unless there is another Bluewater that I don't know about :)


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