No Smoking Day
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Oh yes it's ladies night

Whoop whoop two weeks done and dusted today and hubby doesn't need to kiss my stinking fag breath on valentines night. Still on guard though and waiting for a day when I am climbing the walls?. So I wouldn't admit to family or friend that I am free and done it as you never know what's round the corner.

Anyway back to the title. Tomorrow is girls night at mine. 9 of my best buddies are gathering at mine for good food, a few vinos (bottles) and a good old catch up and reminisce about our days before husbands and kids. We do this everything couple of months......god there was a time we couldn't wait to be clubbing, now we gathering our

Anyway it got me thinking to the smoking thing and do you know what out of the 9 attending tomorrow I was the only one left smoking. That says something really doesn't it. It also means I no it won't be a struggle as no one else will be going out for a fag.

Here comes the girls.......xx;)

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Lol... Back in the day max. Back in the day it would of.. Who the hell u work for.? More in to my weight lifting these days....


sounds perfect...have some drinks for us!! xx


Well done Ladybug, i'm joining you today in the week three:)


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