Woohoo Day 2 !!

So I'm 3 quarters of the way through day 2 and am doing ok I guess.

I do have a slight craving as I type but this might be due to the fact I have just noticed my e-cig has run out :eek:

To be honest I dont think I used it that much and I question that they are anything like the cigarette equivalent they suggest.

Anyway gonna kick it into touch and go pure CT now so please wish me luck!

Much Love. Jonny

3 Replies

  • Hi Jonny, well done in completing day 2, I am sure you will and the rest.

    Day 2 tomorrow for me and I am going to complete that as well, so bring it on. Joan x

  • Jonny and Joan, well done on your quits, day 3 tommorow half a week almost done!

  • Good Luck :D and well done so far!

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