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Day 4 patch aggro

Well here I am at day 4. Went to Zumba last night and got so sweaty (sorry, doesn't conjure a pleasant image:o) Anyway my patch came unstuck and in the shower after it came off completely. I decided I'd try to leave it off overnight so woke this morning to some fairly intense cravings. Done some googling and have read about securing patches with mega sticky medical tape or wearing them on the top of the foot under a sock. I'll give these ideas a try for Zumba in future.

Have gritted my teeth through the cravings. Been to shops and stocked up on healthy treats, lots of different teas and veg. I made my own granola yesterday as I never did breakfast when I smoked. Making a valentines cake with my youngest this afternoon will keep me busy. I am obsessing about food constantly now. If I'm not making something or eating I'm thinking what I can make next. Will be looking for an over eaters support forum next:rolleyes:

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Hi Pisky :)

When I was on patches I used to sellotape them on quite often 'cos they would peel off a bit and it worked OK - had to leave them off overnight anyway 'cos they gave me nightmares :eek:

Was mega-hungry too and chewed my way through a box of gum a day to start with, but it does pass!!


Yeah, I've had a few very vivid dreams....wouldn't call them nightmares but enough to disturb my sleep. I'm gonna stick with the patches overnight cos it's early days for me. Feeling a bit weak willed and wobbly now cos I had a glass of wine while cooking, trying to avoid getting hooked on the Quickmist...have used it once today after a very stressy dog walk where the 2 dogs and the two kids behaved badly :mad:Still not going to cave in.


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