No Smoking Day
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Day 3

Been at work for the first time this week and was crapping that i was gonna need a cig, even brought money for a packet but luckily enough i had this big ceiling to put on (yes im a plasterer) so that kept me very busy and bearly thought about the smoke, Looking back on the past few days and thinking that this should nt be so easy after smoking for 36 years, wonder if im in for a big let down :confused:

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No your not in for 'a big let down'.....THINK POSITIVE! Brilliant that you managed to keep yourself busy......Thats one thing that I know works for me....keep busy busy busy.....your doing fantastically.....don't look for a negative, there are no negatives to giving up, and that is what your doing!!! woohoo.....high five to the plasterer!!! yehaaaaaaa! Keep it up mate. x


Thx ISHA yep your right, think positive :)


Squinter I quit after 40 years so it can be done. Believe in your self and you can do this:)


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