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Two New Discoveries


Day 30, chuffed to bits and completely and utterly surprised at myself!

Discovery 1: hangovers as a non smoker are way way easier to tolerate! No manky cough to make the headache worse!

Discovery 2: same as above but applied to the common cold, I seem to be sailing through one when usually I spend days moaning and coughing and generally feeling poop. Maybe a coincidence!

Seriously if you are having a wobble, read the posts in this place because they (we) speak the is a million times better without that devil running it. And I was a 30 a day for over 20 years, if I can do really anyone can xx

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NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

I don't know if its the slowing of the metabolic rate or not but I can drink a lot more without getting totally rat-arsed and get virtually no hangover the following day :)

Nic, it's had the opposite effect on me. My tolerance to alcohol is absolutely zero now, I can't drink more than two glasses of wine without feeling like I've been poisoned the next day :(

But yay, to the cold thing. I would always get a cough that would last for weeks whenever I had a cold. I bounce back so much faster now!

Oh, and YAY FOR FAG ASH NIL!!! You're doing great :D

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