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No Smoking Day
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Day 70 (Tomorrow)

Hi guys

I am still here, live and kicking, 10 weeks tomorrow, 70 days. I have taken the plunge now officially and have taken no nicotine replacement for the past 2 days. I must say that for some reason the smell of others smoking is much more profound now. The smell appears to be a lot stronger now. Psychological, yeah probably.

No going back now. feel so strong, next to no cravings anymore, and what there is of them, they are easily batting away.

So much fitter now to, due to my new occupation I am walking at a fast pace 7-10 miles every day. I now have muscles flexing their muscles in my calves lol.

Hope everyone is also doing fantastic and look forward to hearing from you.

Don xx

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Hiya Don, I'm so pleased you're doing well.

Keep it up love and well done to Tracy and your dad too

Molly x


Well done Don

That's great to read.

As Molly says I hope all of yours are doing as well as you are :)

I missed what the new job was?

Postman? Dog Walker?

Lollipop man on the longest zebra crossing in the world?



Seriously, chuffed for you mucker

Take care



Thanks guys

Every body doing just fine here.

Nifty spot on with your first guess my friend. Postman is what I do now and loving it despite the weather.


Wow, that's a really cool success rate. Have you found a house yet?

Molly x



Postman was actually my wife's guess!! .... pfft!

I had a tenner on the lollipop man!


Glad you're enjoying it mucker

Take care



Glad you're back posting Don and glad too that things have worked out well personally. Good to see you again!




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