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Time to man up!!!

Ok so just smoked my last fag and its time to get real!

I have been wrestling with this addiction for years now and my most recent quit attempt ended last week at day 5!

I now understand that "just the one" is not going to relax me / de-stress me or help me through whatever situation I might be going through but will only land me eventually back at another day 1!

I hate the way it makes me feel and smell and I must kill it once and for all !

I'm armed with lozenges and an e-cig and will face this thing head on even when later tonight my mind screams at me start tomorrow or after the weekend or whatever I will hold strong!

Rant over I have a quest and a duty for me and my family.

P.S when I'm less angry and probably crying I hope I can count on your support ;)

Best of luck to all Jonny

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No harm getting angry Jonny, i think its one of the things that made me stop and think of what i was doing with my life and my kids, they had to breath in my wasted smoke, i was nt happy at that even tho i smoked in house for donkey's years, being angry is ok, its prolly one of a few emotions people go thru to try and get of this habit , anyway good luck with it m8 and hope you do well :)


Read this! it may help

Iv got it as a favourite so its quickl to access.

A crave soon disappears.



Ive quit again today! (went 2 weeks until last night!), but I feel armed and ready!! Ive no idea what happened yesterday, but it hit me hard. I know now that the cigs I had last night, did nothing for me at woke up this morning feeling strong.................



Best of luck Jonny! You can do it as long as you keep trying :)

Keep telling yourself that you're a non smoker now, you've seen the light and you know that fags don't help/improve anything. You're not giving them up - you're setting yourself free! :D

I'm starting week 7 now and it feels amazing to not be reliant on a packet of fags.

It's your life and you can't let it be controlled by a poisonous little smelly stick! :)


Welcome to the forum,

Some great replies here, long time since I've posted on a Day 1 thread so I hope I remember all the stuff I used to say :D

When I came here in 2008 (I joined and failed 2 years before) it was enlightening. I soon learned that the physical withdrawal from smoking was a short lived process (3 weeks) that needs to be endured but that the greater challenge was the psychological aspect.

Over the many years of smoking we build up associations with smoking and situation, rewards, stress relief, relaxation, boredom, hunger, fatigue etc. We find that as we have become accustomed to accompanying a situation with a smoke we find it difficult to experience that situation without one and it is breaking these associations with take time and practice. Logically you know that smoking did nothing to help the situation, after all it can't change the fact you have a flat tyre or your boss just ranted at you its just that the craving to top up your nicotine levels needs dealing with before you can turn your attentions to the task at hand.

Just because something is psychological doesn't mean its easy to crack, just ask anyone who's had an eating disorder or gambling addiction, however adopting the right mind set makes it all so much more straight forward. If you look on quitting as a positive thing regaining health, wealth and control you will find easier than if you see it as sacrificing, depriving yourself of some great pleasure.

The important thing to keep in sight is that many of us have been where you are now and succeeded, many of us were "hopeless cases" but with a little understanding of how this addiction works and what to expect while quitting you will find your way through.

To get yourself through the 1st few hours,days and weeks distraction is very good, so get stuck into the forum, read, post and get involved. The links in my signature also make good reading (2 are quit courses) and will help focus your mind.

As a general rule if you feel that you simply have to have a ciggy post on the forum and wait for 3 replies before you spark up, chances are by the time you've read the replies you won't want to smoke. Lastly remember cravings will always pass and are not life threatening, where as smoking is.

Good luck



Thanks for all the messages they are sooo encouraging and really needed :)

So technically day 1 for me and its not too bad at the moment but nervous about tonight as thats when the nic demons tend to strike me the most.

I will however stay strong and watch the footie as a distraction.

On the plus side though feeling healthier already and someone has already told me today I smell nice!!!:D


Suck lollipops & sweets.... Drink ice cold water....chew, take a long Bath etc etc....I think the trick in the first few days is to



Good luck buddy, it will happen one day just stay strong and positive! :)


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