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Day 7. High 5!!!

I hope you dont mind if i take a bow! So pleased with myself on reaching day 7. Hardly slept at all last night, my mans snoring never helped but im feeling really quite sick, hopefully this will pass soon. The highs that you get in the first few days of smoking far outweigh the lows ( either that or im turning bi polar ). Back to work tomorrow, i work in occupational therapy with loads of home visits. Tomorrow will be the first time that i dont need to worry about finding time to smoke between clients and spraying myself with impulse and eating mints to mask the smell of smoke (not that it does anyway). Also im so pleased that my son has joined me in stopping smoking, today is his 3rd day cold turkey so a big congrats to him!!!! Hope everyone has a fab day!! :)

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High 5 indeed.

The first week is a good one to get out the way, as it only gets easier from here - if you made it to day 7, there is no reason not to make day 14, 21 etc.


Best wishes,



Take a bow. Take several. You deserve it!




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