No Smoking Day
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4 weeks tomorrow at 10.30pm!

Hi Everyone

I've just joined and not sure about how to use this forum properly yet so don't know where how you've all put how many you smoked , how long for and what method you used to quit. I'm sure i'll find out soon.

Anyway...........tomorrow i will have done 4 FULL WEEKS!

I smoked 35-40 a day for the last 20 or so years and before that 20-35 for 22 years. Am just turned 56 and smoked since 14 :mad::(

I really hope i can do it THIS time as it is affecting my health now <<,serves me right i know >>.

GOOD LUCK to everyone . I have tried SO many times to stop before and know how hard it is.

lucy x

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Hi Kat

Thanks for your reply and the welcome.

Tried it out so lets see if it works :)


Hi Lucy

Good to see you on board. 4 weeks after all those years is really great. So pleased for you. Stick at it. It will be be one of the best thing you will ever do. Like you my health was starting to suffer, can't believe how much better I feel and it only gets better.



Hi Aitch

Its amazing to be able to lie down and not start with that hacking cough isn't it ! Every time you're just about asleep, off it sets again when smoking . Its lovely to be not coughing all day as well. I feel like i can actually BREATHE and thats been from day 2 believe it or not!

I nearly caved in last monday when i discovered i'd already put half a stone on but instead managed to get every ounce of willpower together and went to a line dancing class. Next day , swam 26 lengths and another line dancing class on the evening . Next day walked 2 miles and started a strict diet (lost 4 lbs by today). Next day did my aerobic stepping which i haven't done for about 2 years and not regularly for about 5 years and could hardly move my legs the next day LOL... so had to slow down over the weekend lol.

Hoping to go swimming and SLOWLY build up to my stepping again lol.

Not sure where this willpower is coming from this time as 4 weeks is unheard of for me but hoping and praying it lasts!!

Some days are still very hard for me but some days i just feel like i have a new life and enjoy life again! I had got to the point where all i did virtually was stay in the house and smoke.

oops i have rambled on haven't i . sorry :D

Lucy x



I used to wake myself up with my chest wheezing. It was horrible. Not anymore though. It get easier from now on so stick with it. Yes you will have the odd crave but the way I look at it is if you can do without for 4 weeks why can't you do without for the next four weeks? The only difference is the next 4 weeks will be easier.

OK I put well over a stone on in weight on but thats better than smoking. Just started my weight loss project. Wish I could take a few years off also!



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