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A New ex-Smoker ..... i hope


Hi, im new here and have only read a few posts but hopefully as i carry on trying to get off this very bad habbit i will be able to read more and take some advice.

Anyway, had my last cig @ 2am on the 11/02/2013 thats a whopping 14 hours ago and i think im doing pretty well, thats not to say that its easy, its not, as im sure you all know, thinking every minute or 2 about these cough sticks really does my head in, felt like giving in a few times already, i dont think i have the will power but ima trying :) , im using 16 hour patches and the spray mist which actually tastes terrible , has a burning sensation to it so i only used it twice today and will prolly keep that to really bad times ahead.

Been smoking for about 36 years, started at 11 yrs old, 20-30 a day man, this is my 2nd attempt, last time went of them for 2 weeks using patches and that was about 10 years ago, hopefully i can get off them for good this time as i aint getting any younger ^^ , anyway hope your all sticking in there same as myself and will be back for some advice or maybe even give some lol , good luck.

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Hi Squinter,well done on your decision to quit and for joining this board.Im 12 days in atm and its getting easier every day.Just hang in there and you,ll be fine..

Im sure there will lots of help and advice from everyone here!GOOD LUCK!!:D

Welcome Squinter, keep posting and stick to the forum and the great people on it, as much as any NRT. That's my advice anyway, it's got me this far.....:)

Thx for the welcome folks, Aye, usually on the net playing online games so i'll be sure to pop back an forth and congrats you lot on the amount of days you have quit, pretty impressive :)

Thx Doodlebugroach, on my 19th hour now and its gettin hairy but im sticking with it, i think it gets worse at night because maybe i have more to do during the day? altho i do a 14 mile cycle at night but that only takes an hour to do and the fact that most of my smoking was done sitting at pc playing games :P but as i said i'll stick at it, its good to get a bit of support, i hope its getting easyer for u Doodle, 3 days is great !

Squinter if you post smoke free tomorrow I will do a 20mile bike ride...timed....please come back........day 2 easier than day 1 trust me....

Welcome Squinter, I hope you enjoy your time here :)

Come on Squinter this gotta be done sometime so let's do it now. This forum has been my lifeline when the going's got tough. On day 12 today and same as you I found the nights hardest. I am also sat at my pc at home most days working and this is a hard one as I would just have my rollies right next to me and light up nilly willy.

First 4 days were vile but then it really did become easier. Day one I ate a jar of pickled onions whilst on the pc (needed something tasty but not fattening)

Day two which was harder than day one was a Saturday for me and I ended up rowing with the microwave!! By Day 3 I was singing songs in my head related to giving up smoking and looking at everyone with a blank expression when they talked to me.

Now I can breathe easier, I can hold out my hands and not be ashamed of the yellow staining, and I am pumping iron at the gym like nobody’s business. The thoughts are still there but so much easier to handle.

Keep trucking and posting.


bossdean get yer bike out and start timing lol, Macco1 so do i and Ladybug thx for that, i guess i have to post in the day 2 thread now and let ya know what happened !

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