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6th day

Hi all! Well day 6 and been just great so far. Starting to become worried that i will become addicted to these patches though. Have felt great on them but read an article today that says the step 1 patches contain roughly the same amount of nicotine as around 20 cigarettes! I know that its breaking the habit and you dont have all the smoke and deadly gasses, but i feel a bit of a fraud because of all the nicotine im getting. Ive thought about cutting them in half and weaning myself off them quicker, but might not be able to handle it and the last thing i want to do is smoke! I know its a day at a time but im terrified of quitting them all together. Plus the longer im on them, the longer im addicted to nicotine. Other than that i feel great!!! ::)

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I can totally relate to what your saying. Im on Day 14!! wooooo hoooooo!, however I am on the highest NRT patch, and will continue with that dose for another 6 weeks, then 2 weeks lower dose, then last 2 weeks on the lowest dose.

I know what you mean about sort of feeling like a fraud!!! This has crossed my mind......BUT the fact is, (for me at least!), without the NRT, I would be still a smoker.....its as simple as that for it may take a little while to be nicotine free, but I am now Carbon Monoxide free........and lots of other dangerous chemicals free!

If this is my way to quit the habit.......then so be it.

Glad to hear you are feeling good, I think the first 2/3 days are the hardest.....but your nearly a week through....WELL DONE!!! XXXXXX

NRT or no NRT...........point is your no longer a smoker!!!! pat yourself on the back!! yay!


Thanks all! I feel alot better about it already. You are so right Isha, without NRT i would also still be smoking! I tried cold turkey before and was an emotional wreck. Just going to be kind to myself now and take it as it comes. Feeling so much more bright eyed and bushy tailed for the last few days so i must be doing something right. Lots of love!!! :)


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