5th day already!

The days are flying in! Still feel quite good. Thankfully havent had any major smoking craves up to now and the smoking thoughts are becoming less, so im really happy about that. The only thing i've that is that i feel so hot! Normally i am constantly cold, heating on full with jumper and the old smoking housecoat on to keep warm. Not today! Its started snowing outside and my hubbys put the heating on cos they are all cold. Not me though, feel like im in the caribbean! Makes a nice change though, i could get used to this. :)

4 Replies

  • Well done Denise! 5 days done and dusted the days will keep racking up!:)

  • Thanks guys! Max i love how you make the recovery sound so wonderful! You are quite right though. Our bodies are our temples and deserve to be looked after. Mine is in for a real treat!

  • well done Denise....nearly a week already!! wooohooo! xx

  • 5 days! Imagine this time last week, did you believe it could happen?! It's fab, well done you x x

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